Faye Richmonde - Girlesque Burlesque

Girlesque Burlesque

Faye Richmonde

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Faye Richmonde - Girlesque Burlesque

Excellent and mind-numbing Burlesque classic. Includes My Pussy Belongs To Daddy, as well as the legendary Tony's Got Hot Nuts. And. And so have I.


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  1. Tony's Got Hot Nuts
  2. My Pussy Belongs to Daddy
  3. The Swelling of the Organ, and the Coming of the Bride
  4. They're Both Satisfied With Their Baby
  5. My Sweet Harmony Man
  6. My Right Hand Man
  7. A Cooking Lesson
  8. You Can't Have It Unless I Give It to You
  9. I'll Keep It Turned Towards the Wall
  10. My Movie Operator Man
  11. Got to Have It All the Time
  12. Sadie's Still Got the Rag On
  13. It's Smart to Be Smutty
  14. What Long Hair on Your Pussy