Various Artists - Kitchen Sink Soundtracks

Kitchen Sink Soundtracks

Various Artists

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Various Artists - Kitchen Sink Soundtracks

As a fan of the British "Kitchin Sink" cinema scene, I've always been on the hunt for any soundtracks that were issued. However many of the films never had music, and many that did never had soundtrack releases. And recordings such as Addison's "Big Ship Sails" from A Taste Of Honey are practically impossible to find. But I battled on, and here, for fans of classic British film making is the first compilation of music from this groundbreaking genre,


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  1. John Addison - Big Ship Sails On the Alley-Alley-O (From "A Taste of Honey")
  2. Johnny Dankworth - Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (From "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning")
  3. Mario Nascimbene - Susan Theme (From "Room At the Top")
  4. Lloyd Mayers With the Oliver Nelson Orchestra - A Taste of Honey (From "A Taste of Honey")
  5. Ron Grainer - A Time for Loving (From "A Time for Loving")
  6. Werner Muller - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
  7. Johnny Dankworth and Cleo Laine - Let's Sip Away (From "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning")
  8. Ron Grainer - Mild and Bitter Blues (From "A Time for Loving")