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KPM Jazz Conventions

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KPM Jazz Conventions

Yes, the long awaited pressing of KPM Jazz Conventions - a simple but dynamic compilation of the rarest three KPM LPs - Jazz Conventions 1, 2 and 3. Composed and played in the mid 1960s, these amazing cues were part of the KPM INT (International Series) and were performed by the poll winning Clarke-Boland Big Band. Written by Francy Boland and Gary McFarland, these cues have all the hallmarks of this classic big band, and include the near legendary "Uum Mannie Umm", a revised version of the classic "Om Mani Padme Hum". Loads of other killer cues too. The reason this has taken such an age to come is that I tried to copy a sleeve of some of the KPM LPs I have here at home, where there is a small paper sheet with cue information stuck on the front of a plain white sleeve. Easy you think. Yes, I wanted to do something like this rather than a standard KPM green sleeve. Then everything sort of went wrong. It came back in a spineless sleeve that the record would pierce in seconds if posted out. So I had to get another sleeve with a spine. So, it's here now, with a sleeve inside another sleeve. I don't normally get this kind of thing wrong, but this just did and took and age to get right again. Anyway, here now very, limited, 500 only. NOT AVAILABLE AS A DOWNLOAD - VINYL ONLY

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