Les Baxter - Les Baxter's Barbarian

Les Baxter's Barbarian

Les Baxter

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Les Baxter - Les Baxter's Barbarian

I grew up listening to Les Baxter and the only score I could never get or afford even if I saw it was Barbarian. Well here it is. I got one. It's classic Baxter, well written, accurate for the subject and includes a couple of killer musical scenes, like the sword dance and the love bit.


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  1. Goliath March (Main Title)
  2. Landa (Love Theme)
  3. Barbarian Games (Noisy Village)
  4. The Sacred Crown
  5. Sword Dance
  6. Mountains of Mystery
  7. Ride of the Barbarians
  8. Night Attack of the Strangers
  9. Love's Farewell
  10. Rape of the Village
  11. Fire Dance
  12. March of Victory (End Title)