Les Baxter - Les Baxter's Barbarian

Les Baxter's Barbarian

Les Baxter

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Les Baxter - Les Baxter's Barbarian

I grew up listening to Les Baxter and the only score I could never get or afford even if I saw it was Barbarian. Well here it is. I got one. It's classic Baxter, well written, accurate for the subject and includes a couple of killer musical scenes, like the sword dance and the love bit.


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  1. Les Baxter - Goliath March (Main Title)
  2. Les Baxter - Landa (Love Theme)
  3. Les Baxter - Barbarian Games (Noisy Village)
  4. Les Baxter - The Sacred Crown
  5. Les Baxter - Sword Dance
  6. Les Baxter - Mountains of Mystery
  7. Les Baxter - Ride of the Barbarians
  8. Les Baxter - Night Attack of the Strangers
  9. Les Baxter - Love's Farewell
  10. Les Baxter - Rape of the Village
  11. Les Baxter - Fire Dance
  12. Les Baxter - March of Victory (End Title)