Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman & Margaret Murray - Music for Children (Schulwerk) [Remastered]

Music for Children (Schulwerk) [Remastered]

Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman & Margaret Murray

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Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman & Margaret Murray - Music for Children (Schulwerk) [Remastered]

Orff's Schoolwork LPs. Rare, beautiful, amazing and now available. Buy this, then be sure to get Volume Two as well. An incredible listen, some of the most lovely, poetic and spooky music ever made.


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  1. Cuckoo, Where Are You?
  2. Pat-A-Cake
  3. Meena, Deena
  4. Name-calling
  5. Street Cries
  6. Tinker, Taylor
  7. Bobby Shaftoe
  8. Little Tommy Tucker
  9. Bye Baby Bunting
  10. Ring a Ring O' Roses
  11. Improvisation 1
  12. Improvisation 2
  13. Tommy's Fallen in the Pond
  14. Tom Tom the Piper's Son
  15. My Little Pony Needs New Shoes
  16. The Baker Is Baking
  17. Trees and Flowers
  18. Ensembles
  19. Instrumental for Tuned Glasses, Glockenspiel and Violoncello
  20. Ding, Dong
  21. The Day Is Now Over
  22. Small Hand Drum
  23. Big Barrel Drum and Small Hand Drum
  24. Piece in 3/4 Time for Hand Drums, Barrel Drums and Wood Block
  25. The Grand Old Duke Of York
  26. Oliver Cromwell
  27. The Campbells Are Coming
  28. Instrumental Piece i
  29. Instrumental Piece ii
  30. Instrumental Piece iii
  31. Instrumental Piece iv
  32. Instrumental Piece v
  33. Instrumental Piece vi
  34. Instrumental Piece vii
  35. Where Are You Going to My Pretty Maid?
  36. Alleluja
  37. Old Angus McTavish
  38. Instrumental Rondo
  39. Boomfallera / Curly Locks