Human And Electronic Musicians - Music From Mathematics

Music From Mathematics

Human And Electronic Musicians

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Human And Electronic Musicians - Music From Mathematics

Issued originally in 1957, this is the first ever electronic music album. And the great thing is every track comes with a fine American spoken word introduction and description so you really know and understand what you're hearing. A marvelous and educational album, with all music written by doctors, presumably in white lab coats, working with primitive punch cards, magnetic tape and an IBM machine probably bigger than a three bed semi-detached house. This is historic, slightly odd and excellent.


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  1. Dr J R Pierce - Stochatta
  2. Dr M V Mathews - Three Against Four
  3. Dr J R Pierce - Beat Canon
  4. Dr Newman Guttman - Pitch Variations
  5. Dr M V Mathews - Numerology
  6. Dr J R Pierce - Variations In Timbre And Attack
  7. David Lewin - Study One
  8. L A Hillier, LM Isaacson and the Illiac Computer - Excerpt From Illiac Suite For String Quartet
  9. Dr J R Pierce And M E Shannon - Music By Chance
  10. Dr Davis Slepian - Improvisations On A Random Piano
  11. The IBM 7090 Computer - The Voice Of The IBM 7090 Computer