Marais and Miranda - Nature Songs

Nature Songs

Marais and Miranda

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Marais and Miranda - Nature Songs

I love this record. Two people crazy about education, making another crazy record for kids so they can learn about stuff in a crazy way. I love this for many reason, it oozes charm, there are some killer musical moments, great lyrics, mad percussive things and they say "trunk" at least once. So, lets learn about nature! Your kids if you have any may well adore you for playing this.


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  1. Introduction to Nature Study
  2. Why Do Leaves Change Their Colour
  3. What Are the Parts of a Tree
  4. What Is an Insect
  5. What Is a Mammal
  6. How Do the Fish Swim, etc
  7. Song of the Rocks
  8. The Birds Have a Language
  9. How Does a Bird Sing
  10. What Does a Bird Have That I Have Not
  11. How Is Silk Made
  12. What's in the Ocean
  13. How Do the Seeds of a Plant Travel
  14. The Balance of Nature