Various Artists - Now We Are Ten

Now We Are Ten

Various Artists

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Various Artists - Now We Are Ten

Yes, this is the first ever Trunk Sampler, and not only celebrates ten years of musical discovery but also offers a 7 track preview of music to come. There are 22 tracks in all on this sampler offering a fine sprinkling of beautiful Trunk releases. We have the opening to Kes, sublime Garrick, a touch of Sammes, a little Delia Derbyshire, some Fuzzy Felt Folk, some unreleased Kirchin, unheard Herbie Hancock, forthcoming electronics and even a track from Blood On Satan's Claw. And if that's not enough there are some unheard delights from Dirty Fan Male. And all for a fiver. Next I'll be giving away my wife and child.


It's unlikely you will have any more fun than this for £2.99. If you do can you let me know please. Thanks


CD Album (JBH 024CD)
  1. Basil Kirchin - I Start Counting (Demo) (From Fuzzy Felt Folk)
  2. Sven Libaek - Dark World
  3. Herbie - Kiddush (Unreleased)
  4. Jonny Trunk - Zeus
  5. Delia Derbyshire (as Li De La Russe) - Delia's Psychadelian Waltz
  6. Douglas Wood - Icicles (unreleased!)
  7. Vernon Elliott - Clangers - Music (Edit)
  8. Tiffany Glass - Orriel Smith
  9. Mike Sammes - Timex
  10. Sven Libaek - Nature Waltz
  11. Paul Lewis - Waiting For Nina (unreleased!)
  12. John Cameron - Kes (Opening and Titles)
  13. Marc Wilkinson - Kathy Crowned (Unreleased)
  14. The Michael Garrick Trio - Sketches Of Israel
  15. Dirty Fan Male - Martin's Theme
  16. Dirty Fan Male - My Special Message
  17. Mike Sammes - Sweet Young Fumbles
  18. Barbara Moore Singers - The Elf
  19. Basil Kirchin - Negatives (Unreleased)
  20. Wisbey - The Ladies Bras (Unreleased)
  21. Bill Posters Will Be Banned - Hula Saw (live at the Bull in Barnes)
  22. My Darling Teresa - Secret Hidden Track (Unreleased)