Robert Drasnin - Percussion Exotique

Percussion Exotique

Robert Drasnin

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Robert Drasnin - Percussion Exotique

The name's Drasnin, Robert Drasnin. I made incidental music for shows like Hawaii 5-0 and Time Tunnel. I also made this amazing album in 1959, originally called Voodoo. Then someone decided it could be called Percussion Exotique. Amazingly it stars a very young John Williams (he of Jaws and ET fame) on piano. It's a rare beast of an album and a very fine one too.


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  1. Robert Dresnin - Chant of the Moon
  2. Robert Dresnin - Desiree
  3. Robert Dresnin - Hindara
  4. Robert Dresnin - Orinoco
  5. Robert Dresnin - Warm Night Wind
  6. Robert Dresnin - Mirage
  7. Robert Dresnin - Voodoo
  8. Robert Dresnin - Jardin de la noche
  9. Robert Dresnin - Tambuku
  10. Robert Dresnin - You
  11. Robert Dresnin - Paradise
  12. Robert Dresnin - Enchantment