Various Artists - Pieces of Eight

Pieces of Eight

Various Artists

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Various Artists - Pieces of Eight

This was Kenneth Williams' second "Revue" hit - the first being Share My Lettuce. Here he can be found starring along side Fenella Fielding delivering scripts written by Peter Cook, with extra bits by Harold Pinter, and music by none other than Laurie Johnson. I mean blimey.


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  1. The Company - Revive Your Spirits
  2. Fenella Fielding, Terence Theobald - True Blue Love Song
  3. Kenneth Williams, Peter Brett - Not an Asp
  4. Myra De Groot - The Beast In Me
  5. Kenneth Williams, Fenella Fielding - If Only
  6. Myra De Groot, Josephine Blake, Valerie Walsh - The Power of Love
  7. The Company - Onu Beeby Frisky
  8. Myra De Groot - We're Going to the Moon
  9. Kenneth Williams, Peter Reeves - The Last to Go
  10. Fenella Fielding - Outdoor Girl
  11. Kenneth Williams, Peter Reeves, Valerie Walsh - Buy British
  12. Myra De Groot - A Man Is
  13. Fenella Fielding, Peter Reeves - The Laughing Grains
  14. The Company - Goodnight