Mark Murphy - Rah (Remastered)

Rah (Remastered)

Mark Murphy

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Mark Murphy - Rah (Remastered)

It rarely gets better than this! A faultless hip vocal jazz LP from the master of fast delivery and super sharp dressing. And a formative jazz LP for me, in fact I spent years trying to find a UK priginal wioth a white sleeve and not and orange one. If you've never heard Rah! you really need to. It's super cool, super jazz, super now - yes, never out of style and includes some absolutely incredible covers (Milestones, My Fave Things etc) that have rarely been topped. This goes from the sublime to the occasionally ridiculous too. Get in there now!


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  1. Mark Murphy - Stoppin' the Clock
  2. Mark Murphy - Green Dolphin Street
  3. Mark Murphy - My Favourite Things
  4. Mark Murphy - Angel Eyes
  5. Mark Murphy - Out of This World
  6. Mark Murphy - No Tears for Me
  7. Mark Murphy - Milestones
  8. Mark Murphy - Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
  9. Mark Murphy - Twisted
  10. Mark Murphy - Li'l Darlin'
  11. Mark Murphy - Like Love
  12. Mark Murphy - Doodlin'