Various Artists - Resurrection: The Amplified Bible Of Heavenly Grooves

Resurrection: The Amplified Bible Of Heavenly Grooves

Various Artists

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Various Artists - Resurrection: The Amplified Bible Of Heavenly Grooves

Hallelujah! It's a rare compilation of superb and groovy religious recordings. Included are rare jazz hymns by Ted Taylor and Tubby Hayes, beautiful folk by Judy McKenzie, Christian psych and fuzz by the Holy Ghost Reception Committee Number 9, weird Christian breakbeat poetry things by Pete Levin and Bill Comeau, wacked-out holy wig outs by John Ylvisaker. Oh, and trippy God speak by the Sunworshippers. And more besides. Even Jonny Pearson who wrote the Mary, Mungo and Midge recordings gets a look in. Seriously this compilation is out there on its own. And if thou thinks the cover looks a tad familiar just dream back to those innocent days spent at Galt toys. To buy all these originals would cost you thousands - yes thousands. So buy this now for literally sod all. And it's great to listen to on Sundays. It's even better to play out - if you're that insane. Who says the devil has all the best tunes... Compiled by The Rev. Martin Green and Sister Jonny Trunk.


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  1. The Sunworshippers Speak
  2. Know They're You
  3. He Who Would Valiant Be
  4. A Gay Cliché
  5. Some Beautiful Day
  6. New Song
  7. Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken
  8. The Nativity (Birth Narrative)
  9. Jesus Is Coming
  10. The Addicts Psalm
  11. Wade In Water
  12. Sally Brown
  13. Jesus H. Clown
  14. Little Drummer Boy
  15. Cantate Domino
  16. The Sunworshippers Speak Again