Cal Tjader Quintet - Ritmo Caliente (Remastered)

Ritmo Caliente (Remastered)

Cal Tjader Quintet

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Cal Tjader Quintet - Ritmo Caliente (Remastered)

Yes, this is simply magnificent. It's so fab I even remember the day I bought it and stated playing it non-stop. Fast percussive latin, slow latin, groovy latin, all played with Tjader's classic style and charismatic pzazz. Includes several superb numbers including Tjader's version of Cuban Chant. This is truly magnificent and stupidly fast in parts. Really excellent for getting slightly sozzled too, especially in the heat. A total classic.


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  1. Cubano Chant
  2. Goza
  3. Panchero Mambero
  4. Alegres Timbales
  5. Mambo Moderno
  6. Afro Corolombo
  7. Ritmo Caliente
  8. Lamento de Hodi
  9. Mambo Inn
  10. Buhutu (Nanigo 6/8)
  11. Alegres Congas
  12. Mueve la Cintura
  13. Bernie's Tune