Alex North - Spartacus The Soundtrack Album (Remastered)

Spartacus The Soundtrack Album (Remastered)

Alex North

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Alex North - Spartacus The Soundtrack Album (Remastered)

Contains the legendary "Love Theme From Spartacus" which you simply must own. I'm Spartacus, no, I'm Spartacus etc etc


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  1. Alex North - Main Title
  2. Alex North - Spartacus Love Theme
  3. Alex North - Gladiators Fight To The Death
  4. Alex North - Blue Shadows And Purple Hills
  5. Alex North - Homeward Bound a) To The Sea b) Beside The Pool
  6. Alex North - Hopeful Preparations, Vesuvius Camp
  7. Alex North - Prelude To Battle a) Quiet Interlude b) The Final Conflict
  8. Alex North - On To Vesuvius a) Forward Gadiators b) Forest Meeting
  9. Alex North - Oysters And Snails - Festival
  10. Alex North - Headed For Freedom
  11. Alex North - Goodbye, My Life, My Love - End Title