John Baker - The John Baker Tapes Vinyl Edition

The John Baker Tapes Vinyl Edition

John Baker

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John Baker - The John Baker Tapes Vinyl Edition

Lordy! the John Baker Tapes! all mostly unreleased including stings, experimental Exhibition tracks, amazing opening themes, I could go on and on and on but I won't. Just buy it. Essential Radiophonic workshop history!


This album is raving and and brilliant and everything.


12" Vinyl Album (JBH030LP)
  1. Newstime BBC 1 & 2
  2. Tros Y Gareg (Main Theme)
  3. Woman's Hour - Reading Your Letters
  4. Look And Read
  5. Au Printemps
  6. Square Two
  7. Codename
  8. Decimal Currency
  9. Dial M For Murder
  10. Scene (Never Never)
  11. PM - Computers In Business
  12. Heavy Plant Crossing
  13. Spin Off
  14. Vendetta: The Sugar Man
  15. COI Technology Pavilion
  16. Tempo Counter
  17. Omo And Giro Adverts
  18. Johnny Johnson Jingles
  19. JB Dubs
  20. Brylcreem
  21. John Baker Goon Advert
  22. Jazz Advert
  23. Piano Strokes
  24. Brief Lives - JB Obituary
  25. JB At Home On The Piano