Edmundo Ros - The Ros Sound Of Music

The Ros Sound Of Music

Edmundo Ros

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Edmundo Ros - The Ros Sound Of Music

It's unlikely you would have seen this Edmundo Ros album before. I only say this as I've never come across it in about 25 years of seriously looking for Sound Of Music covers albums, so it must be obscure. It's also really excellent in a slightly camp but cool fashion. Trust me, this really is super bad in a good way, with tinges of jazz, latin, big band and that, with superb arrangements and really excellent playing throughout. It's really quite marvelous and you may well make some new gay friends as a result of owning this extremely obscure but charming oddity. Which is no bad thing.


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  1. The Sound Of Music
  2. An Ordinary Couple
  3. Maria
  4. Edelweiss
  5. So Long, Farewell
  6. Do-Re-Me
  7. My Favourite Things
  8. Sixteen Going On Seventeen
  9. No Way To Stop It
  10. Climb Ev'ry Mountain
  11. The Lonely Goatherd
  12. How Love Can Survive