Various Artists - The Super Sounds Of Bosworth

The Super Sounds Of Bosworth

Various Artists

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Various Artists - The Super Sounds Of Bosworth

Yes, the legendary library compilation that started the whole library thing. Personally I don't think you'll find a better library compilation, because it just doesn't stay still and still sounds awesome. It's not all funky or all weirdly challenging, it's just a great compilation of jazz, groovy things, early electronics, crazed percussion, funk oddities, twisted easy, musical experiments and even music from an old Marmite commercial. For the record artist include Jonny Teupen, Frank Gartner, Vaclav Nehlybel, Leo Hassler, The Jazz Architects and Howard Lucraft. This compilation really set up the whole library scene - most people had never even heard of library music when this appeared and lots of shops thought it was all a con. It was subsequently sampled by David Holmes, The Thievery Corperation, Everlast (House Of Pain) and loads of other people who have never owned up to it. This CD has both Volumes 1 and 2 on it and stretches to 34 tracks. It's running very very low in stock levels. Get your skates on, as it is not being re pressed ever ever again.......EVER!!! So basically these are the LAST ones...So move!


12" Vinyl Album (BARKED1LP)
  1. Cosmic Awakening
  2. Tropical Scene
  3. Stella Control No. 1
  4. Hula Rock
  5. Chant Afrique
  6. Colours
  7. Tertius
  8. Solitude
  9. A Round Trip
  10. Laser
  11. Eastern Promise
  12. Comes To Cajun
  13. Big John
  14. Drama In Space
  15. Campus Crowd
  16. Hang Loose
  17. Grotesque
  18. A Walkin' Beat
  19. Propulsion
  20. West Coast Session
  21. Bluephoria
  22. Cloud Environment
  23. Eastern Ritual
  24. Fugitive On The Run
  25. Sun Lava
  26. New Move
  27. Whimsical
  28. Papillon Rouge
  29. Kryptoglyphics
  30. Whistle Stop
  31. Nuclear Wash
  32. Soul Power
  33. Turkish Delight
  34. Native Dance
  1. Native Dance
  2. Turkish Delight
  3. Soul Power
  4. Nuclear Wash
  5. Whistle Stop
  6. Kryptoglyphics
  7. Papillon Rouge
  8. Whimsical
  9. New Move
  10. Sun Lava
  11. Eastern Ritual
  12. Fugitive On The Run
  13. Cloud Environment
  14. Bluephoria
  15. West Coast Session
  16. Propulsion
  17. A Walkin' Beat
  18. Grotesque
  19. Hang Loose
  20. Campus Crowd
  21. Drama In Space
  22. Big John
  23. Comes To Cajun
  24. Eastern Promise
  25. Laser
  26. A Round Trip
  27. Solitude
  28. Tertius
  29. Colours
  30. Chant Afrique
  31. Hula Rock
  32. Stella Control No. 1
  33. Tropical Scene
  34. Cosmic Awakening