Ray Cathode - Time Beat (Remastered)

Time Beat (Remastered)

Ray Cathode

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Ray Cathode - Time Beat (Remastered)

Back in 1962 Radiophonic Workshop legend Maddalena Fagandini created an interval signal for the BBC. She used simple hand-claps and tape looping as was the way back then. The short track she created was cute, catchy, different. So much so that the idea to expand it and turn it into a 7” single was taken to young Parlophone producer George Martin. This result was this techno concrete marvel, issued under the name of Ray Cathode (BBC Radiophonic). It was the first ever Radiophonic single and the B side, "Waltz In Orbit" is also available here. Worth noting is that this the complete, full length version (the one on the Radiophonic Workshop anniversary 2 CD set was just 30 seconds, this is the complete 2 minute 12 seconds version). And what superb slice of proto-hypno-techno-jazz madness it really is.


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  1. Time Beat (Remastered)