Klaus Weiss Rhythm And Sound - Time Signals

Time Signals

Klaus Weiss Rhythm And Sound

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Klaus Weiss Rhythm And Sound - Time Signals

The first ever repress of this Klaus Weiss musical masterpiece. And it's the first of the all new Trunk library series that is a coming this way. Time Signals is an incredible thing on many levels and for many reasons, and you will not find an original without a mortgage. It's classic German experimental sounds and rhythms that only Klaus can really get away with, and over the years cues have turned up all over infamous hardcore porn as well as sports programming and maybe some sinister wildlife documentaries too. This is electronic, rhythmic, peculiar, and will make your brain hurt at times. It will ship within the next few days (first week of March I hope) as soon as they arrive at the warehouse.


12" Vinyl Album (JBH062LP)
  1. Journal
  2. Time Signal
  3. Scoria
  4. Rhythm And Sound
  5. Sequent
  6. Just Walk Easy
  7. Walk Easy
  8. Join In
  9. The Rocker
  10. Hot Cake
  11. Shuffling
  12. The Hunters
  13. Drums Around
  14. Survivor
  15. Diffeent Strokes
  16. Reports
  17. Humming
  18. Swinging Skins
  19. Machinery
  20. The Searchers
  21. Space Waltz
  22. Kind Of Bossa
  23. Rudiments
  24. Heavy Weights