Tubby Hayes - Voodoo Session

Voodoo Session

Tubby Hayes

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Tubby Hayes - Voodoo Session

Yes, at long last the killer diller Tubby Hayes afro jazz monster from Dr Terror's House Of Horror is here. All three killer numbers from the film - Voodoo Girl (not the Roy Castle singing one, the real afro instrumental), Bailey's Blues - which is a real swinger, and Give Me Love, written and sung by Tarby's best mate, Kenny Lynch. We wanted to use a better word than exciting, but couldn't think of any, so yeah, this is very exciting. 50p download just to jazz up and jazz down your Halloween


"Wow, I've been waiting years for this, ever since I saw that film"

Mrs Trunk


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  1. Voodoo
  2. Give Me Love
  3. Bailey's Blues