Various Artists - Wobbly Sounds: A Collection of British Flexi Discs

Wobbly Sounds: A Collection of British Flexi Discs

Various Artists

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Various Artists - Wobbly Sounds: A Collection of British Flexi Discs

A great selection of brilliant cardboard and wobbly plastic disks, mostly from advertising, including Carpet Showtime and possibly the best dance for cheese ever written. Some terribly recorded but still Essential.


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  1. Aspro Services Company - Aspro Nicholas
  2. Massengo Edouard With the Jambo Boys - Aspro
  3. Ron Millington - Mr Millington at the Bird Organ
  4. Gerry Gobin's Mellotones Steel Band - Bride's Calypso
  5. Wynford Vaughn Thomas - The Britax Safety Habit
  6. Bruce Turner And His Jump Band - Clark's Cave Girl
  7. Grisha Farfel And His Music - Dutacq Hi-Life
  8. George Newness - Georges Newnes Encyclopedias
  9. Ike Isaacs And The Gourmets - Chota Peg
  10. Tony Osbourne and Peter Marshall - Ilford Colour Film
  11. Carpet Showtime Players - It's Carpet Showtime
  12. Cliff Adams - Magicair
  13. Johnny Johnson - Maxwell House Music for Till Ringing
  14. W.S. Crawford - Milk TV Films
  15. Myers Concert Pianist - Myers Beds No Buttons
  16. The Shakespears - The Phillips 303
  17. Cliff Adams - Pleetway Pyjamas
  18. Chris Barber And His Band - Prestige Skyline
  19. Wynford Vaughn Thomas - Rank Audio Plastics
  20. Squires Of London - A Personal Call from Squires of London
  21. Dave Carey & Barbara Moore - Tango Rock
  22. Sparkie The Budgie - Pretty Talk
  23. Cliff Adams - TV Times Wiggle - Cha Cha Cha
  24. Young Londoner - Young Londoner Shoes