Martin Denny - Afro-Desia (Remastered)

Afro-Desia (Remastered)

Martin Denny

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Martin Denny - Afro-Desia (Remastered)

We all love a touch of Martin Denny, even more so when it comes across a bit Voodoo and that. If you ask me this is Denny's finest few moments. Also includes the original and rare British artwork.


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  1. Tsetse Fly
  2. Ma'Chumba
  3. Jungle Drums
  4. Cubano Chant
  5. Baia
  6. Swamp Fire
  7. Temptation
  8. Simba
  9. Mumba
  10. Aku Aku
  11. Raftero
  12. Siboney