Mongo Santamaria - Mongo


Mongo Santamaria

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Mongo Santamaria - Mongo

How can you not love a bit of Mongo every now and again. One of the most important percussionists of all time, in here in an early workout with not only a killer line up of fellow musicians, but also his cut of "Afro-Blue", Mongo's very own jazz standard.


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  1. Afro Blue
  2. Che-Che-Re-Que-Che-Che
  3. Rezo
  4. Ayenye
  5. Onyaye
  6. Bata
  7. Meta Rumba
  8. Chano Pozo
  9. Los Conguitos
  10. Monte Adento
  11. Imaribayo
  12. Mazacote