Pinky Winters - Pinky


Pinky Winters

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Pinky Winters - Pinky

This is Pinky Winters. Few people have heard of Pinky Winters. Like many amazing jazz vocalists she has fallen between the cracks created by other vocal giants who dominate the vocal scenes. Listen to this album (especially to cues like Cool Sazerac) and you may believe, like what I do, that many more people should be aware of her very lovely sound.


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  1. Pinky Winters - Little Girl Blue
  2. Pinky Winters - The World Is Your Balloon
  3. Pinky Winters - Darn That Dream
  4. Pinky Winters - But Not for Me
  5. Pinky Winters - These Foolish Things
  6. Pinky Winters - This Can't Be Love
  7. Pinky Winters - Cool Sazerac
  8. Pinky Winters - How About You?