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The Sound Of Malcolm...

The Sound Of Madness. I mean The Sound Of Malcolm. Only available here. Only on pink vinyl. Only 300 made. INSANE. [More]


Not out until February, get your early copy of this lovely new book right here right now... [More]


Yes, the game you have possibly been waiting for all your life., Rare Record Pop Trumps. From Darryl Banks to Banks and beyond. 55 of the rarest UK pressed records in one groovy card game. Only available here! Limited to 1000 copies only. [More]

Polynesia - hot, sweaty and now on limited vinyl for the first time in about 60 years.

Sublime exotic oddity, like Eden Ahbez but with more death... [More]

What A Berk.

Classic unreleased electronic music from the late 1960s, made by a ballet dancer for his own ballets. [More]

Crickets Sing for....

Simply awesome minimalist recording of crickets, with the sound of crickets over the top slowed down (like Basil Kirchin would have done). Sounds like a choir, sounds like heaven, sounds like I have no idea any more. [More]

Spider-Jazz: KPM cues from the animated series we can't mention for legal reasons!

Amazing library sounds from the legendary animated series...Dale, Hawkshaw, Hawksworth etc... [More]

1,2,3 buy this now.

I Start Counting. Sublime score by Basil Kirchin, Jack Nathan and John A Coleman. [More]

Basil Kirchin Is My Friend!

Clear vinyl killer compilation, much unreleased joy and madness. Only available here. [More]

Strictly Britxotica! is here! Cheeky Cha Cha Chas and more besides!!!

Yes, the new and latest Britxotica! Dancing all the way back to Peggy Spencer! [More]

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