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Voodoo returns!!!

Yes, the Voodoo singles with their properly printed sleeves are now all back in. Buy now before they're all gone... [More]

Tubby Hayes Voodoo pre order...

Yes, the unreleased Voodoo madness is about to arrive. Well it already arrived and then went back to the manufacturer because of a printing error. It will be back in the Trunk HQ about August 3rd, and all Trunk orders will have priority before the record gets distributed elsewhere. please pre order to avoid disappointment. Remember, only 666 copies worldwide... [More]

Even more Trunk Tee shirts.

Yes, the Trunk logo tee shirts all sold out very fast, so here are some more Trunk logo tee shirts. Perfect for wearing, like all tee shirts. High quality Continental tee shirts, these feel lovely, especially when you put them on. Latest colour is Eggy Weggy, but click for tee shirts on the side bar and see all sexy Trunk tee colours and all new Vision On ones too... [More]

New Vision On Colour Tee shirts...

After many emails and heavyweight demands, I have made short run of curiously coloured Vision On tee shirts. They are great. I got a pidgeon coloured one...they are all very good quality, and all come with a hand-stitched Tony Hart embroidered label on them too. Super. For the full range click on the tee shirt link to the left... [More]

Bright And Beautiful - Hymns on CD!

At Christmas I released Hymns A' Swinging as a download. Many complained about this and demanded a tangible CD product. This now exists. Please buy it. All monies will go towards saving the Trunk roof. [More]

G-G-G-G-G-Great - G Spots is here...

Yes, it really is great, the all new and first ever Studio G compilation is in right now. On CD and sexy limited vinyl. More tracks on the CD, so I suggest you buy both. I did. [More]

Vision On In. Tee shirts that is...

Yes, the new small batch of official and limited Vision On tee shirts are now in. Super. [More]

Tony Hart dies...

I have just heard the very sad news that the artist and all round super creative person Tony Hart has died. He was a true inspiration in every sense of the word, and once I'd licensed the Vision On logo from him and produced the official tee shirts I realised that many of the people buying them were graphic artists, who had chosen their career paths thanks to the talents and influence of this very unique TV star. Thank you Tony. Rest in peace. And keep drawing. I have currently just about sold out of the Vision On tee shirts but will be now producing some more because since Sunday 18th January had a rush of new orders. It's often the way. It might take a couple of weeks to get them made though. [More]

Hymns A Swinging Is Here! Good Lord!

Yes, Hymns A Swinging, the legendary easy, jazzy, bonkers album by Mike Sammes, Tubby Hayes and The Ted Taylor Organsound is now available as a legal super duper download. Yes, right here right now and just in time for Christmas and the New Year. My nan will love it. [More]

John Baker vinyl! Its back!

We've unearthed a few more copies of The John Baker Tapes on vinyl. Believe us these are sure to be snapped up very soon, so don't delay, get clicking. Now! [More]

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