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The Seasons has arrived. Yes, long lost Radiophonic joy is here.

Sublime, peculiar and disturbing in equal measures. Let the disjointed sounds of David Cain's Radiophonics mixed with Ronald Duncan's evocative and suggestive poetry wash over you for the rest of the year. And all the years to come. [More]

Rising Stars has landed. Or crashed to earth or something...

Yes the magical and pretty much unheard recordings by Garrick, Keane and The Hastings Girl Choir is now here, Vinyl CD, and digital. You lucky person. [More]

Adverts Are Go!

Yes, Stand By For Adverts is now available. 81 tracks on the CD, impressive, exciting and a teeny bit camp in places. But no one was looking back then. [More]

Available Now...very limited hand signed Ken Garland "Galy Tots" print

Yes, we can't quite believe it either, this is the first time any Ken Garland work has been made available. Limited to just 25 prints worldwide, all hand signed by the great man himself... [More]


This smashing little score by the masters of 1960s British pastoral jazz is now back in print. It's been out of print for about 5 years, but now it's back on CD with brand new lovely artwork based on the beautiful and rare Polish film poster. Please click the image to read more about the music, or don't bother and just buy it because it really is quite something. [More]

Primitive London

At last, the weirdy 1965 unreleased Kirchin score to one of the maddest, baddest films of all time. Yes it's really that horrid. [More]

Look! Lots of smashing official limited AtomAge things

Yes, very limited prints, tee shirts, all smashing. [More]

Jellies here at last

Here at last, the near legendary lost 1981 post punk catchy thingy. With a load of remixes and modern re workings and that. Terribly exciting. No, really. [More]

Moondog And Suncat Yellow vinyl!

Yes, the black vinyl pressing all sold out, and I still didn't fulfill the orders. So, here is a limited run of 500 yellow vinyl albums. That should help I reckon. [More]

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