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I've Got The Moogies Bloogies, almost...

Nearly here, the legendary unreleased music by Anthony Newley and Delia Derbyshire... [More]

Funny Old Shit Is Here

Yes, another classic Trunk sampler, dipping into the strange, wondrous and occasionally very stupid. At all for a stunning sampler price... [More]

The Small World Of Sammy Lee. The Soundtrack

Lovely unreleased music from the classic 1963 Anthony Newley movie set in Soho...composed by London jazz man Kenny Graham, this is wistful, charming and superbly played and performed. A unique and quite lovely release...limited vinyl, but then again isn't it always. Please let em know if you think this is Harold McNair on flute. [More]

Palmer Rockey is now with us...

Legendary underground outsider album from cult legend you have never heard of. An awesome album but in a most unexpected fashion. Take that as a warning... [More]

The Kids Are Here

Yes, the awesome Classroom Projects album is here. Songs of death, love, drink driving, Strawberry Fair and more. From gentle folk songs to abstract avant-garde experiments, the kids have been at it for years... [More]

Carl Orff's Music For Children

There are two releases here, the CD which has 84 cues, and the LP which is a distillation into about 45 cues. Very beautiful, simple and spooky music, spoken word and chants, based on the "Orff Method" of musical education. Stunning. CDs in, vinyl (in gatefold sleeves with comprehensive notes) not here until about 26th June. And by the way, the LP sleeve in in black and white. [More]

Daphne / Dissevelt Ten Inch here...

...but not for long. Limited edition of a ten inch that has the two rare and classic electronic EPs on it from 1962. How super is that? [More]

Noise Art Now Available to the world!

Good grief, the Jeff Keen album Noise Art is here and it's a glorious crazy thing. CD with 22 page booklet. LP with different screenprinted sleeves, different vinyl colours and inserts. Excellent! Very limited supplies, only 500 LPs only. [More]

Cults Percussion Now Available. Joy Of Joys

Yes, it's here, first release since the rare private pressing of 1978. A group of awesomely talented students (average age of 14) make a killer percussion album that touches on ambient, jazzy and odd. Brilliant! [More]

Take a Chance on Bob...

Yes, the legend that is the album "It's Broken!" is here in all its glory. Do not hesitate. Bob wants you to buy one. Available on limited LP, CD and download. [More]

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