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More Tees Vicar

I made some trunk tee shirts a few weeks ago, and they all sold out in two hours. People were upset. So I've now made a few more. Very high quality cotton by the way. Bordering on sexy. And I'll tell you what else is sexy, the fact that you can now buy official Vision On tee shirts here too. It's the only place you can get them in fact. [More]

Oh Lordy, John Baker Vinyl is here.

Yes, John Baker vinyl is now in, but not for long. We strongly suggest you click on the John Baker vinyl thingy below and buy one as soon as possible. Please note, they are not shrinkwrapped. It's not my fault, honest. [More]

The John Baker Tapes

The John Baker Tapes are here... 50 unreleased and amazing tracks on Volume 1 and 39 more freaky library, unheard film scores, home recordings, and more....its radiophonic loveliness rare and unreleased until now.... [More]

Teeny, Tiny, Trunk

Blimey, you'll never guess what has turned up. A small box of TTT001. This is the first ever release on Teeny Tiny Trunk about 6 or 7 years ago, it's a two sided groovy odd thing, one side is a dark folk monster, and the B side is a strange and obscene phone call thing. There were only about 500 of these pressed, and my distributor in Seven Sisters (a place in London) just found a lonely, lost box of them under some other boxes. There are just ten of these. They are now for sale for £5 each. Bargain. [More]

Clangers and Ivor

Yes, Hello, me again, wasting some more of your time, with good reason though! I've uncovered some more Clangers CDs, these really are the last of them and there's only a few so be quick.

That's not the only good news, Oh yes you lucky lucky sod you, It gets better, more Ivor CDs have chuffed their way into the store, this is the last lot, and again, there's not enough to go around so hurry up and get you hands on them before someone else does! I'm only telling you because I like you the best. [More]

Welcome to Ye New Olde Trunk Shoppe

Yes, hello and welcome to Ye New Olde Trunk Shoppe. Isn't it nice. Well, it's alright as far as digital shops go. I still prefer actually going into real shops and buying things from really miserable shop assistants. Anyway, it may all look all clean and quite sparse here, but if you click on an image or button the pages all click through revealling lots more information, soundclips and all sorts of other really exciting things. The best thing about it is you're here now, so happy virtual shopping.

Best wishes

Jonny Trunk [More]

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