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Good Lord! Had a rustle about in the warehouse, found some stuff, stragglers, all sorts. Here they all are. Very few of anything left, in many cases just one. At least 50% off... [More]

Jonny's Xmas Sack 2022 is open...

Includes Witchfinder General with Pop Up Sleeve!! Plus Horror Pop Trumpsl Bowyers Tee, more Children Of The Stones madness and more!!! [More]

Children Of The Stones - with limited extras...

First ever release of this sublime scary score for legendary kids TV show. A Hauntologial dream / nightmare. A special Trunk only edition comes with A2 folded poster of Les Matthews painting from the show. Happy Day... [More]

Sunday Bloody Sunday, now available all week

Yes, for the first time ever, the magical Ron Geesin score to the classic John Schlesinger love triangle movie is available. Along with two more unreleased Geesin scores on the same LP!!! [More]

Magician By Magician

Magic LP, Looks like a prog LP from 1971, sounds like a funky library LP from 1972, is actually a jazz LP from 1978!!! You will be amazed... [More]

AZ Record Shop Bags Slipcase Edition is here! Available just after RSD...

The very latest Jonny Trunk / Fuel Publishing book is here! Features well over 500 paper and plastic record shop bags from the 1950s to the 1990s. A triumph of design, graphics, nostalgia and high street / record buying history. Buying the book here gets you 6 bonus postcards and an original bag from the Trunk collection (until I run out) [More]


Magical percussion LP made by band of young female studies (aged 11 two 14) including Evelyn Glennie. OMG Now with original sleeve art. [More]

Shadows OF Fear Is Here...

The long lost unreleased masterpiece that is the Shadows OF Fear Theme by Roger Webb Featuring Barbara Moore is here. 500 only. Part of Jonny's 2021 Xmas sack... [More]

The Trunk 25 year anniversary comp is here.

Be bloody quick. Only 400 on Silver double vinyl...artwork by the Shrig... [More]

Pop Trumps Number 3 - Library Music Edition.

Wow, sick! Library Music Pop Trumps....away we go. All previous editions of Pop Trumps have sold out. So, you have been warned. [More]

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