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Jonny's Xmas Sack now open...

Yes, the 2023 Xmas sack is now open, groovy tees, fun sweats and this killer unreleased double score LP by Basil Kirchin. Happy Xmas indeed... [More]

Wonders Of The Underwater World

What a TOTAL wonder! A sublime electronic underwater score, with sublime sleeve with DIY make your own sleeve stickers. Limited edition, if there is a repress it will not have the stickers... [More]

Hum Dono on LP.

Possibly the best British Jazz LP of ALL TIME!!! Yes, The GOAT of British Jazz. great pressing with flapjack sleeve!!! [More]


Yes, indeed, a ten inch of the unreleased soundtrack to the 1975 John Samson documentary. Groovy folky weirdy stuff. 300 only. [More]


Wow, it's a tee shirt from that fab telly thing about about Star Wars and that [More]


Good Lord! Had a rustle about in the warehouse, found some stuff, stragglers, all sorts. Here they all are. Very few of anything left, in many cases just one. At least 50% off... [More]

Jonny's Xmas Sack 2022 is open...

Includes Witchfinder General with Pop Up Sleeve!! Plus Horror Pop Trumpsl Bowyers Tee, more Children Of The Stones madness and more!!! [More]

Children Of The Stones - with limited extras...

First ever release of this sublime scary score for legendary kids TV show. A Hauntologial dream / nightmare. A special Trunk only edition comes with A2 folded poster of Les Matthews painting from the show. Happy Day... [More]

Sunday Bloody Sunday, now available all week

Yes, for the first time ever, the magical Ron Geesin score to the classic John Schlesinger love triangle movie is available. Along with two more unreleased Geesin scores on the same LP!!! [More]

Magician By Magician

Magic LP, Looks like a prog LP from 1971, sounds like a funky library LP from 1972, is actually a jazz LP from 1978!!! You will be amazed... [More]

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