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Polynesia - hot, sweaty and now on limited vinyl for the first time in about 60 years.

Sublime exotic oddity, like Eden Ahbez but with more death... [More]

What A Berk.

Classic unreleased electronic music from the late 1960s, made by a ballet dancer for his own ballets. [More]

Crickets Sing for....

Simply awesome minimalist recording of crickets, with the sound of crickets over the top slowed down (like Basil Kirchin would have done). Sounds like a choir, sounds like heaven, sounds like I have no idea any more. [More]

Spider-Jazz: KPM cues from the animated series we can't mention for legal reasons!

Amazing library sounds from the legendary animated series...Dale, Hawkshaw, Hawksworth etc... [More]

1,2,3 buy this now.

I Start Counting. Sublime score by Basil Kirchin, Jack Nathan and John A Coleman. [More]

Basil Kirchin Is My Friend!

Clear vinyl killer compilation, much unreleased joy and madness. Only available here. [More]

Strictly Britxotica! is here! Cheeky Cha Cha Chas and more besides!!!

Yes, the new and latest Britxotica! Dancing all the way back to Peggy Spencer! [More]

Strictly Britxotica! is here! Cheeky Cha Cha Chas and more besides!!!

Yes, it's the simply awesome new Brotxoitca! compilation, a ballroom blitz of another kind altogether. [More]

Silicon Chip is here!

Yes, it's the amazing unreleased Basil Kirchin post disco digital banger from 1979 - yes 1979! And WHAT A TUNE! Limited yellow vinyl right here right now... [More]


There are several pressing of this unreleased electronic score available: 500 on clear vinyl more on standard black, green and now gold. See below. And be quick... [More]

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